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Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Cleaning Company.

Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a
Home Cleaning Company

Are you looking to free up some valuable space, time and energy for yourself?

Or do you just have a desire to give your home the perfect look and feel through the hands of an able cleaning company?

Whatever your reasons are, the decision to select good hands whom you can trust to allow into your home and get the job done for you is a big one.

When you also consider that there are tons of home cleaning companies out there screaming at you for hire, it kinda make your choice of selection more difficult because a professional is simply different from a hobbyist.

Well, in this article, we will drastically reduce the chances of you developing a headache making the best decision for the cleaning services you require.

You will learn the top and most important questions you should ask any home cleaning company before you put them on your payroll.

Ready to learn? Let’s get started.

An honorable home cleaning company should be able to answer these simple but often overlooked questions:

Are you a member of any Professional Association?

Any one who has either worked with professional associations or been a member of one can rightly attest to the fact that those guys are standard driven.

It means that not just anything goes. They have ethics and conduct that they must abide by to be in an association of any kind.

This can include any bonds or insurance fulfillments or be as simple as a Homeowners Association that recommends their services to their homeowners living on the property.

This is an important factor to look at for and obviously a good question to ask when considering hiring a home cleaning service.

This is because, when the company you are hiring is a member of a professional association, then your chances of success receiving services that is according to industry standard is vastly improved.

Do you run a full screening process for your staff?

Remember most home cleaning companies are not a team of just one or two people. Hence it’s a good thing to have an idea of the mode of screening required for their personnel they deploy into your home or office.

Simply ask, does your company run a background check on staff? This is an important question to ask because the security of your home or office is important.

This is also a good way to tell a professional cleaning company from an amatuer as their staff list is void of anyone with criminal records or shifty previous life circumstances.

What kind of onboarding or ongoing training is made available to your cleaning staff?

Here is a difference between professionals and hobbyists.

One works from the experience of the trainings he or she has undertaken by the company to  strive to deliver a satisfactory service, while the other works without any real intention of rendering a satisfactory service because he or she wasn’t trained to do the task properly.

Those who have been trained have more attention and general respect for codes of conduct, health and safety, and furthermore, they are fully aware and skilled in the techniques and science behind rendering a top notch cleaning service which is the whole point of hiring them in the first place.

This is surely a good question you shouldn’t skip when you go about hiring a home cleaning company.

What kind of supplies and tools do you employ?

Seriously, if don’t want to regret hiring the services of a good cleaning company, then it’s important to ask and be sure the materials and tools they employ in carrying out their services.

It’s true that you may not be fully grounded to know the things they work with, nonetheless asking them will make them aware that you want your home to be cleaned with the quality materials.

We have heard stories of damages in the home because an amateur used harsh products incorrectly. You don’t want that so it can’t hurt to inquire about it.

When it comes to damages, do you have an insurance policy or bonding that covers it?

Like you know, accidents are called accidents because they do not happen intentionally.

More so, it’s true nobody looks forward to the occurrence of an accident, but the thing is that there is a chance for one to occur.

Your old cherished vase could get broken, your wall could get scratched, your tap could be left running, etc.

So, as long as there is a chance an accident can occur, then it’s important to ask, do you have an insurance policy that covers for damages in my home?

Another good question you can chip in here is; At what rate do home or office damages happen within your company?

How long has your company been in operation?

Duration may not be everything, but duration surely speaks of many things.

Duration speaks competence, duration captures solidity and many times excellence.

Simply put, time plus turn over is a good way to test for trust and even quality.

If you want a company you can trust to get your work done, both now and especially on a long term basis, then how long the home cleaning company has been in operation is a good question to ask.

Wrapping it up.

Getting the best hands on deck to get any service done for you can sometimes prove to be a daunting task, and as you can tell, the same difficulty can be experienced in hiring a home or commercial cleaning company.

When you know the right questions to ask and go on asking them, your desire to hire the best in the game can become a lot easier for you and can result in a better experience having your property cleaned.

So go on, get a good grip of the list of important questions above that you can ask, then weigh up the pros and cons that you observe with any company you reach out to.

Then do your own research.

When you do all of these things, you trust that you will surely go on to hire a cleaning company that will not just satisfy you, but even give you more of a peace of mind and ultimately make life easier for you and your family or coworkers.


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