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Tips and Tricks to Having The Most Organized Closet Spaces.

Tips and Tricks to Having The Most
Organized Closet Spaces

We all love the sight that a beautifully well organized closet brings, don’t we?

In fact many persons will quickly point to is that keeping a closet organized doesn’t come all easy.

I believe you agree to this too. Well, you are not completely wrong. But the truth is, the reason we find it a daunting task to keep our closet organized is because we really don’t understand what organizing a closet means.

We mix up “tidying up” a closet and “organizing” a closet. You can tidy up your closet, but that doesn’t make it automatically organized.

I’m pretty sure you are wondering now what the difference is. Follow me and let’s deal with that.

How an organized closet differs from a tidied up closet

To tidy up your closet simply involves a regular cleaning up and arrangements of clothes, shoes, belts, etc right into your closet (like the regular fixing up clothes on hangers and putting it back).

But, organizing your closet entails more attention to detail. It involves an intentional effort to put in place concrete measures (like closet tools) that will make your closet well arranged and even more, keep your closet in an arranged state.

Let’s venture further into this matter. To have your closet organized involves taking away the things you don’t find relevant anymore and investing in organizational tools that will make your closet stay organized and provide you with a better life experience each morning when you pop it open to get ready for your day.

So, getting your closet organized is beyond the simple clean and arrangement process that is usually observed in tidying up.

Having a good understanding of this will go a long way to help you keep an organized closet that you can be proud of anytime.

Now let’s move forward. There are very easy and effective tips you can employ to help your closet become not just well tidied up, but make it organized and even more, keep it in an organized state. In this article we will take a look at them.

A closet that is organized: Easy and effective tips to making it happen.

Take everything out of the closet.

Yes, this is our first tip. Render your closet completely empty of the items in it (from clothes to shoes, caps, etc.). Clear them from your functional closet space.

An empty space will help you achieve two things:

Open your imaginative sight, so that you can be creative in making your closet look the exact way you want.

An empty space will also help you quickly identify the things that needs to be categorized and things that you may not need that are just taking up space.

Getting your closet empty is really a vital step to start in organizing your closet.

Get rid of unused and outdated items.

If you really want your closet to be organized, it’s important to be very sincere. Yes, sincere with yourself.

You have got to be sincere to accept that many times not all the items in your closet fit you anymore.

While some have become a misfit for your style and personality, others have simply become worn out and outdated.

Separating the items you need from the ones not needed for your foreseeable future is an important part of closet organization.

This will give you a solid foundation of what things you have to categorize and set up into your allotted closet space.

Invest in organizational closet tools.

Like we mentioned earlier, setting up and keeping an organized closet requires an intentional effort. One of such effort is investing into the right tools. Tools such as hooks (which are a great tool for storing hats, bags, scarves, etc).

Some other tools you can invest in are hangers (with same size and color to sponsor unison  in your closet), tie and belt holders (for storing loose items), hampers or baskets (which easily can be used to tuck away dirty clothes and can make these clothes easily accessible for laundry), etc.

Simply put, as long as an item will help your closet stay organized, invest in it. That’s a valuable step to go organized and should be treated as such.

Create free space and use labels to categorise items.

To recap, create an empty closet space to keep only relevant items, then invest in tools that can effectively bring out the picture of the kind of closet you desire.

Our next task is the arrangement in the things we decide are relevant that we decide to include in our closet.

First, we need to properly categorize our kept items.

Here, a fact to keep in mind is that a jam-packed closet gives a weird feel in the eyes and makes it difficult to tell when a proper arrangement is done.

Hence, it’s good to create space as much as we can. One of the important things is that it makes items both easy to spot and easy to access, and this neglects any chance of turning your closet upside down trying to to reach out of placed items.

For example, folding your jeans instead of hanging them can create valuable space in a closet to help you get completely organized.

Consider employing labels to categorize some items.

Well, unlike in tidying up which involves hanging up clothes on hangers and placing it back, the process of getting your closet organized involve carrying out a proper categorization of closet items.

These items should be categorized using labels (according to pattern, color, size and even function).

Doing this, will simply define every item and tool to its own place, so that the only load left for you is an arrangement of the items according to the labels you have decided on, and that’s like putting a round peg in a square hole.

Just do your best to categorize your items into categories that you will understand and come to appreciate as you come to add more newly acquired items to your current closets limits.

Then simply put thing by category back into place in your empty closet space one category at a time, until you have utilized all of your available space. Do this in a neat, properly distanced fashion.

Make sure to take your daily habits into account.

Put things that you will need on a daily basis in the front area of the closet that is easy to reach and things that are occasionally used (live scarves for example) in the back or top of the closet in a spot that may require a little more reach to get to when they are needed.

Final thoughts

Your habit is important. Make it align with the measure already on the ground in piles around you.

A lot of people spend money and put in time to make the things they need available.

Nevertheless, if you go forward, you will realize that not everyone gets to apply these things they invested so much energy to put into place.

So what’s our point here? It’s simple.

Start cultivating the right habits that will help keep your closet organized in the future.

For example, the purpose of investing in getting hampers or baskets is to tuck away dirty items and keep the closet neat and organized.

If this is true, then it will be a bad practice to start dumping everything anywhere, instead of using the tools already put in place (like the baskets).

Consider these tips, they are pretty easy to understand and even easier to apply and can help your closet stay organized for a long time. Good luck!


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The Places Most Often Overlooked By Routine Cleaning.

The Places Most Often
Overlooked By
Routine Cleaning

I take pride, you take pride. Actually, we all take pride in being able to point to things we achieve in our everyday efforts. In same manner, we love to take pride in seeing to the cleanliness of our homes.

To a number of us we are only slightly bothered with the stress that accompanies our routine cleaning.

This is because, in our minds we have this conclusion “as long as it comes out great, then it was worth it.” Well, this is great. Seriously it is. But the truth is, when it comes to cleaning, your best efforts can really never be 100% certain in getting all the dirt removed and doing a perfect cleaning job.

There are some pretty unexpected spots you overlook when cleaning.

Well, this article is not to render your efforts futile, but rather to widen your scope of view so you can either do a better routine cleaning work next time or to consider the service of a professional in giving you a more complete cleaning exercise in your home.

Your Routine Cleaning overlooks these places regularly:

Light bulbs and ceiling fans

The function of the light bulb is to give light in the home. And as long as it is doing that, many times attention is barely paid to it.

Nonetheless dust and air particles from cleaning exercises like sweeping can make light bulbs become clogged with dust particles.

The same thing goes for the ceiling fans. These places in the home are often overlooked most times because they are not the easiest places to reach.

Nevertheless, getting them cleaned up isn’t so difficult to do. For example, for light bulbs, the way to keep it clean is to simply switch them off to allow them to cool. Then, take a slightly wet clean towel to rub off the dirt.

While for your ceiling fans, get a long duster and employing it regularly makes cleaning them a breeze.

House plants

Home owners can tell that beyond the beauty and nice outlook that house plants bring into your home, they also help to improve the quality of indoor air.

The broad leaves of some house plants also serve also in trapping dust. After spending time in cleaning more obvious places in the house, the places house plants are kept are not paid as much attention to.

It’s always a good idea to keep your house plants in mind when running your next spring cleaning.

Garbage and trash disposals

Most of the time, we have our attention all placed on the most visible and most visited areas of our homes and we overlook the cans or disposal that houses the excess food waste and debris in the home.

It is important to not overlook but rather get on to disinfect the cans or disposals, so as to avoid air contamination and spread of airborne illnesses which can result from germs and bacteria.

The top and sides of your refrigerator

When carrying out a regular cleaning exercise, we often never forget to clean the inside of our refrigerators. After all, that is where it houses the items we choose to place inside of it.

Well, placing huge attention on the inward of a refrigerator is what makes it a bit easy to forget that the top, side and even behind the refrigerator. These are examples of places that traps dust and dirt.

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator is good, but some time should be given also to this overlooked place in the home.

Your interior doors, door frames and door knobs

There are a number of doors in most houses. And we spend a considerable number of time in either opening or closing doors.

This bring into the picture, not just the door itself but the knobs held on to it.

While house doors itself can entertain dirt in the form of dust, door knobs receive it’s own filth from having hands rubbed on it a lot.

Most of the time, what we have is sweat filled hands full of germs or unwashed hands full of dirt. All been said, it’s important to pay some attention in your next routine cleaning on the doors, it’s knobs, as well as the door frames.

Clean up with a moist towel left inside a bucket of soapy water.

Now that you know, you can make more informed decisions in keeping your homes clean.

The cleaner your home, the greater your stance is to stay healthier. This is because a clean homes negate the flow of germs and bacteria which obviously can lead to sickness and diseases.

It is therefore important to have a much wider view of the places in the home that can be easily overlooked when carrying out routine cleaning.

Your awareness of these places in your homes is important because it helps you to stay more conscious of these places and keep you in check to do a better cleaning job next time.

You could also choose to retain the service of professionals in doing these tasks. Professionals know the ins and outs of houses and the most overlooked places generally speaking that need more attention to detail.

Infact, beyond doing a great cleaning job, professionals will help relieve some of the workload that is on you, so that you can have more time to focus on other things while being rest assured in your mind that a complete cleaning of your castle is in the best hands possible.

Our company proudly offers these services to our customers at reasonable rates with varying time slots available. We can help save you time and energy while being provided with a service to the stars. Give us a call today.



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Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Cleaning Company.

Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a
Home Cleaning Company

Are you looking to free up some valuable space, time and energy for yourself?

Or do you just have a desire to give your home the perfect look and feel through the hands of an able cleaning company?

Whatever your reasons are, the decision to select good hands whom you can trust to allow into your home and get the job done for you is a big one.

When you also consider that there are tons of home cleaning companies out there screaming at you for hire, it kinda make your choice of selection more difficult because a professional is simply different from a hobbyist.

Well, in this article, we will drastically reduce the chances of you developing a headache making the best decision for the cleaning services you require.

You will learn the top and most important questions you should ask any home cleaning company before you put them on your payroll.

Ready to learn? Let’s get started.

An honorable home cleaning company should be able to answer these simple but often overlooked questions:

Are you a member of any Professional Association?

Any one who has either worked with professional associations or been a member of one can rightly attest to the fact that those guys are standard driven.

It means that not just anything goes. They have ethics and conduct that they must abide by to be in an association of any kind.

This can include any bonds or insurance fulfillments or be as simple as a Homeowners Association that recommends their services to their homeowners living on the property.

This is an important factor to look at for and obviously a good question to ask when considering hiring a home cleaning service.

This is because, when the company you are hiring is a member of a professional association, then your chances of success receiving services that is according to industry standard is vastly improved.

Do you run a full screening process for your staff?

Remember most home cleaning companies are not a team of just one or two people. Hence it’s a good thing to have an idea of the mode of screening required for their personnel they deploy into your home or office.

Simply ask, does your company run a background check on staff? This is an important question to ask because the security of your home or office is important.

This is also a good way to tell a professional cleaning company from an amatuer as their staff list is void of anyone with criminal records or shifty previous life circumstances.

What kind of onboarding or ongoing training is made available to your cleaning staff?

Here is a difference between professionals and hobbyists.

One works from the experience of the trainings he or she has undertaken by the company to  strive to deliver a satisfactory service, while the other works without any real intention of rendering a satisfactory service because he or she wasn’t trained to do the task properly.

Those who have been trained have more attention and general respect for codes of conduct, health and safety, and furthermore, they are fully aware and skilled in the techniques and science behind rendering a top notch cleaning service which is the whole point of hiring them in the first place.

This is surely a good question you shouldn’t skip when you go about hiring a home cleaning company.

What kind of supplies and tools do you employ?

Seriously, if don’t want to regret hiring the services of a good cleaning company, then it’s important to ask and be sure the materials and tools they employ in carrying out their services.

It’s true that you may not be fully grounded to know the things they work with, nonetheless asking them will make them aware that you want your home to be cleaned with the quality materials.

We have heard stories of damages in the home because an amateur used harsh products incorrectly. You don’t want that so it can’t hurt to inquire about it.

When it comes to damages, do you have an insurance policy or bonding that covers it?

Like you know, accidents are called accidents because they do not happen intentionally.

More so, it’s true nobody looks forward to the occurrence of an accident, but the thing is that there is a chance for one to occur.

Your old cherished vase could get broken, your wall could get scratched, your tap could be left running, etc.

So, as long as there is a chance an accident can occur, then it’s important to ask, do you have an insurance policy that covers for damages in my home?

Another good question you can chip in here is; At what rate do home or office damages happen within your company?

How long has your company been in operation?

Duration may not be everything, but duration surely speaks of many things.

Duration speaks competence, duration captures solidity and many times excellence.

Simply put, time plus turn over is a good way to test for trust and even quality.

If you want a company you can trust to get your work done, both now and especially on a long term basis, then how long the home cleaning company has been in operation is a good question to ask.

Wrapping it up.

Getting the best hands on deck to get any service done for you can sometimes prove to be a daunting task, and as you can tell, the same difficulty can be experienced in hiring a home or commercial cleaning company.

When you know the right questions to ask and go on asking them, your desire to hire the best in the game can become a lot easier for you and can result in a better experience having your property cleaned.

So go on, get a good grip of the list of important questions above that you can ask, then weigh up the pros and cons that you observe with any company you reach out to.

Then do your own research.

When you do all of these things, you trust that you will surely go on to hire a cleaning company that will not just satisfy you, but even give you more of a peace of mind and ultimately make life easier for you and your family or coworkers.


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