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Tips and Tricks to Having The Most Organized Closet Spaces.

Tips and Tricks to Having The Most
Organized Closet Spaces

We all love the sight that a beautifully well organized closet brings, don’t we?

In fact many persons will quickly point to is that keeping a closet organized doesn’t come all easy.

I believe you agree to this too. Well, you are not completely wrong. But the truth is, the reason we find it a daunting task to keep our closet organized is because we really don’t understand what organizing a closet means.

We mix up “tidying up” a closet and “organizing” a closet. You can tidy up your closet, but that doesn’t make it automatically organized.

I’m pretty sure you are wondering now what the difference is. Follow me and let’s deal with that.

How an organized closet differs from a tidied up closet

To tidy up your closet simply involves a regular cleaning up and arrangements of clothes, shoes, belts, etc right into your closet (like the regular fixing up clothes on hangers and putting it back).

But, organizing your closet entails more attention to detail. It involves an intentional effort to put in place concrete measures (like closet tools) that will make your closet well arranged and even more, keep your closet in an arranged state.

Let’s venture further into this matter. To have your closet organized involves taking away the things you don’t find relevant anymore and investing in organizational tools that will make your closet stay organized and provide you with a better life experience each morning when you pop it open to get ready for your day.

So, getting your closet organized is beyond the simple clean and arrangement process that is usually observed in tidying up.

Having a good understanding of this will go a long way to help you keep an organized closet that you can be proud of anytime.

Now let’s move forward. There are very easy and effective tips you can employ to help your closet become not just well tidied up, but make it organized and even more, keep it in an organized state. In this article we will take a look at them.

A closet that is organized: Easy and effective tips to making it happen.

Take everything out of the closet.

Yes, this is our first tip. Render your closet completely empty of the items in it (from clothes to shoes, caps, etc.). Clear them from your functional closet space.

An empty space will help you achieve two things:

Open your imaginative sight, so that you can be creative in making your closet look the exact way you want.

An empty space will also help you quickly identify the things that needs to be categorized and things that you may not need that are just taking up space.

Getting your closet empty is really a vital step to start in organizing your closet.

Get rid of unused and outdated items.

If you really want your closet to be organized, it’s important to be very sincere. Yes, sincere with yourself.

You have got to be sincere to accept that many times not all the items in your closet fit you anymore.

While some have become a misfit for your style and personality, others have simply become worn out and outdated.

Separating the items you need from the ones not needed for your foreseeable future is an important part of closet organization.

This will give you a solid foundation of what things you have to categorize and set up into your allotted closet space.

Invest in organizational closet tools.

Like we mentioned earlier, setting up and keeping an organized closet requires an intentional effort. One of such effort is investing into the right tools. Tools such as hooks (which are a great tool for storing hats, bags, scarves, etc).

Some other tools you can invest in are hangers (with same size and color to sponsor unison  in your closet), tie and belt holders (for storing loose items), hampers or baskets (which easily can be used to tuck away dirty clothes and can make these clothes easily accessible for laundry), etc.

Simply put, as long as an item will help your closet stay organized, invest in it. That’s a valuable step to go organized and should be treated as such.

Create free space and use labels to categorise items.

To recap, create an empty closet space to keep only relevant items, then invest in tools that can effectively bring out the picture of the kind of closet you desire.

Our next task is the arrangement in the things we decide are relevant that we decide to include in our closet.

First, we need to properly categorize our kept items.

Here, a fact to keep in mind is that a jam-packed closet gives a weird feel in the eyes and makes it difficult to tell when a proper arrangement is done.

Hence, it’s good to create space as much as we can. One of the important things is that it makes items both easy to spot and easy to access, and this neglects any chance of turning your closet upside down trying to to reach out of placed items.

For example, folding your jeans instead of hanging them can create valuable space in a closet to help you get completely organized.

Consider employing labels to categorize some items.

Well, unlike in tidying up which involves hanging up clothes on hangers and placing it back, the process of getting your closet organized involve carrying out a proper categorization of closet items.

These items should be categorized using labels (according to pattern, color, size and even function).

Doing this, will simply define every item and tool to its own place, so that the only load left for you is an arrangement of the items according to the labels you have decided on, and that’s like putting a round peg in a square hole.

Just do your best to categorize your items into categories that you will understand and come to appreciate as you come to add more newly acquired items to your current closets limits.

Then simply put thing by category back into place in your empty closet space one category at a time, until you have utilized all of your available space. Do this in a neat, properly distanced fashion.

Make sure to take your daily habits into account.

Put things that you will need on a daily basis in the front area of the closet that is easy to reach and things that are occasionally used (live scarves for example) in the back or top of the closet in a spot that may require a little more reach to get to when they are needed.

Final thoughts

Your habit is important. Make it align with the measure already on the ground in piles around you.

A lot of people spend money and put in time to make the things they need available.

Nevertheless, if you go forward, you will realize that not everyone gets to apply these things they invested so much energy to put into place.

So what’s our point here? It’s simple.

Start cultivating the right habits that will help keep your closet organized in the future.

For example, the purpose of investing in getting hampers or baskets is to tuck away dirty items and keep the closet neat and organized.

If this is true, then it will be a bad practice to start dumping everything anywhere, instead of using the tools already put in place (like the baskets).

Consider these tips, they are pretty easy to understand and even easier to apply and can help your closet stay organized for a long time. Good luck!


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