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The Places Most Often Overlooked By Routine Cleaning.

The Places Most Often
Overlooked By
Routine Cleaning

I take pride, you take pride. Actually, we all take pride in being able to point to things we achieve in our everyday efforts. In same manner, we love to take pride in seeing to the cleanliness of our homes.

To a number of us we are only slightly bothered with the stress that accompanies our routine cleaning.

This is because, in our minds we have this conclusion “as long as it comes out great, then it was worth it.” Well, this is great. Seriously it is. But the truth is, when it comes to cleaning, your best efforts can really never be 100% certain in getting all the dirt removed and doing a perfect cleaning job.

There are some pretty unexpected spots you overlook when cleaning.

Well, this article is not to render your efforts futile, but rather to widen your scope of view so you can either do a better routine cleaning work next time or to consider the service of a professional in giving you a more complete cleaning exercise in your home.

Your Routine Cleaning overlooks these places regularly:

Light bulbs and ceiling fans

The function of the light bulb is to give light in the home. And as long as it is doing that, many times attention is barely paid to it.

Nonetheless dust and air particles from cleaning exercises like sweeping can make light bulbs become clogged with dust particles.

The same thing goes for the ceiling fans. These places in the home are often overlooked most times because they are not the easiest places to reach.

Nevertheless, getting them cleaned up isn’t so difficult to do. For example, for light bulbs, the way to keep it clean is to simply switch them off to allow them to cool. Then, take a slightly wet clean towel to rub off the dirt.

While for your ceiling fans, get a long duster and employing it regularly makes cleaning them a breeze.

House plants

Home owners can tell that beyond the beauty and nice outlook that house plants bring into your home, they also help to improve the quality of indoor air.

The broad leaves of some house plants also serve also in trapping dust. After spending time in cleaning more obvious places in the house, the places house plants are kept are not paid as much attention to.

It’s always a good idea to keep your house plants in mind when running your next spring cleaning.

Garbage and trash disposals

Most of the time, we have our attention all placed on the most visible and most visited areas of our homes and we overlook the cans or disposal that houses the excess food waste and debris in the home.

It is important to not overlook but rather get on to disinfect the cans or disposals, so as to avoid air contamination and spread of airborne illnesses which can result from germs and bacteria.

The top and sides of your refrigerator

When carrying out a regular cleaning exercise, we often never forget to clean the inside of our refrigerators. After all, that is where it houses the items we choose to place inside of it.

Well, placing huge attention on the inward of a refrigerator is what makes it a bit easy to forget that the top, side and even behind the refrigerator. These are examples of places that traps dust and dirt.

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator is good, but some time should be given also to this overlooked place in the home.

Your interior doors, door frames and door knobs

There are a number of doors in most houses. And we spend a considerable number of time in either opening or closing doors.

This bring into the picture, not just the door itself but the knobs held on to it.

While house doors itself can entertain dirt in the form of dust, door knobs receive it’s own filth from having hands rubbed on it a lot.

Most of the time, what we have is sweat filled hands full of germs or unwashed hands full of dirt. All been said, it’s important to pay some attention in your next routine cleaning on the doors, it’s knobs, as well as the door frames.

Clean up with a moist towel left inside a bucket of soapy water.

Now that you know, you can make more informed decisions in keeping your homes clean.

The cleaner your home, the greater your stance is to stay healthier. This is because a clean homes negate the flow of germs and bacteria which obviously can lead to sickness and diseases.

It is therefore important to have a much wider view of the places in the home that can be easily overlooked when carrying out routine cleaning.

Your awareness of these places in your homes is important because it helps you to stay more conscious of these places and keep you in check to do a better cleaning job next time.

You could also choose to retain the service of professionals in doing these tasks. Professionals know the ins and outs of houses and the most overlooked places generally speaking that need more attention to detail.

Infact, beyond doing a great cleaning job, professionals will help relieve some of the workload that is on you, so that you can have more time to focus on other things while being rest assured in your mind that a complete cleaning of your castle is in the best hands possible.

Our company proudly offers these services to our customers at reasonable rates with varying time slots available. We can help save you time and energy while being provided with a service to the stars. Give us a call today.



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